Slow Living?

descubre la filosofía slow living con GreenCity

Slow Living has become a huge trend recently, prioritising less consumption and adopting a slower approach to everyday life. Nowadays, there are countless mobile apps to help you meditate and enjoy your increasingly limited free time. There’s also a growing number of restaurants with a ‘slow food’ philosophy, a movement that promotes eating slowly, valuing […]

How to make compost at home using the Bokashi method

What is Bokashi It is another option for decomposing organic waste at home. And turning it into a high quality compost base, which can be used to fertilise the plants in our urban garden. Without bad smells, without attracting insects, and in only 2 weeks. Bokashi or Bocashi, is a Japanese word meaning Fermented Organic […]

How to decorate your terrace

With spring in the air, we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sun. It’s at this time of year we all remember that forgotten corner of our home: the terrace. While it’s never going to be as big as we’d like, and we’re always complaining about how small it is, with the pandemic […]

Caring for plants: A dummie’s guide

como cuidar plantas

Buying plants just because they’re pretty or overwatering them are the most common mistakes made by beginners. We all have to start somewhere, and although taking care of something that doesn’t move or speak might seem like a doddle, you have to know how to do it properly. You don’t need a gardening degree, but […]