Answers to your Maintenance questions that will help you with your Greencity Matabi sprayer

If your GreenCity 2 sprayer does not gain pressure, it probably has a leak. One of the sealing parts may be dirty, damaged or incorrectly positioned. To identify the problem and fix it, follow the steps below:

Check it visually and by touch. If there are any, replace the container; if not, continue with the second step.
Remove the container and make sure that the flap valve is in good condition. If it is dirty, clean it and put it back in place. If it is damaged or has a mark/damage, replace it with a new one: Evo 2 Maintenance Kit.
Make sure that the chamber, screwed to the sprayer head, is properly tightened and that the gasket is in good condition. If the gasket is damaged, replace it.
Remove the plunger from the sprayer head and ensure that the stem seal is correctly fitted or if it is damaged. Make sure it is correctly positioned, and replace it if damaged.
Lastly, check that the container seal is clean and well-positioned. If it is damaged and/or has a mark/damage, replace it with a new one.

Clogged nozzle filters and clogged nozzle handles may cause this. For this purpose:

  • When using natural products, always use the standard filter fitted to the GreenCity 2 and GreenCity 7 sprayers. This will prevent the particles embedded in your slurry from getting stuck in the sprayer’s internal filters.
  • If the sprayer is still clogged, check the condition of the sprayer’s filters:
    • HANDLE. Unscrew the filter holder from the handle and pull out the shaft inside. If it is dirty, wash it with water and put it back in place.
    • NOZZLE. Unscrew the fine spray nozzle from the large nut on the nozzle. Remove the filter inside and clean it with water. Also, remove the nozzle parts and wash them with water.
    • Never clean the nozzles or filters with sharp tools or metal objects; otherwise, the nozzle or filter openings might get damaged.
  • Or because the movement seals have dried out. In the latter case, add a few drops of lubricating oil to grease them. In the instruction manual of your GreenCity 2 and GreenCity 7.

GreenCity sprayers are recommended for slurry and natural and/or ecological treatments in the care of plants and crops.

After each use, it is advisable to clean the container with water. For this purpose:

  • Depressurise the sprayer after each use.
  • Collect and dispose of the residual product per the applicable legislation, regulations and standards.
  • Clean the container with water.
  • Fill the container with water, pressurise it and use the sprayer so that the water cleans the entire flow path.
  • Remove the filters from the handle and nozzle and clean them with water (do not use metal objects). More information in section 3
  • Store the sprayer in a sheltered place to avoid frost and intense heat.

Identify the part you are missing by clicking on this link: https://greencitymatabi.com/en/spare-parts/.