One day you intend
to keep at least three plants alive

And then you end up taking care of a green lung in the middle of the city

Fertilising, watering, protecting against pests.

All the ways of pampering your plants require a sprayer...

How can you keep
your plants happy?

GreenCity 700


Indoors and balconies

  • Capacity 0.7 L.


Medium-sized terraces and balconies

  • Capacity 1.5 L.


Gardens and terraces

  • Capacity 5 L.

How to create a Sustainable Kitchen Garden

With the purchase of your GreenCity sprayer, receive as a gift this course to which you can register by scanning the QR code on the instruction sheet

Is there anything better than eating local vegetables?

Yes there is! Going to your terrace
and harving your own vegetables the produce from your kitchen garden.

Advantages of caring for your plants
with GreenCity

Treat the underside of the leaves by twisting the nozzle with the lance.
  • Without twisting your arm.
  • Without spraying the whole plant.
  • Without turning over every leaf.
Use the fine-drop nozzle to fertilise and provide moisture to your plants.
To prevent your nozzles from clogging, your GC2 and GC7 sprayers include a washable filter.
The lance allows you to reach every area of the plant without damaging stems or leaves.

How to create a green space on your balcony or terrace

If you want to turn your balcony or terrace into a domestic oasis…
You will learn how to organise your space, choose materials and plants and how to take care of them.

Your Green Space

How to decorate your space

qué es la decoración emocional

Emotional decor

No matter how long you’ve been living in your home, we’re sure many of you are already bored with your design choices, which is where

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Your garden at home

How to take care of your plants

Green City

Somos parte de Matabi, marca líder en soluciones de pulverización de Goizper Group, una cooperativa que desde 1959 diseña, fabrica y comercializa pulverizadores para el sector de la agricultura y jardinería.

Pulverizadores robustos y resistentes, hechos para ser usados durante largos periodos de trabajo.

Ahora, con Green City nos acercamos también a las ciudades con una gama adaptada a las necesidades del entorno urbano, desarrollada por profesionales del sector y fabricada con materiales de alta calidad y duraderos.

Creemos en ciudades cada vez más verdes.

Por eso creamos pulverizadores sostenibles.