Answers to your questions about Tricks that will help you with your Greencity Matabi sprayer

When your plants have been under a stressful situation due to lack of water in summer or frost in winter, you can recover them by spraying an algae-based fertiliser on their leaves, providing them with a generous amount of micronutrients. The ideal way to do this is to use the fine spray nozzle included in all GreenCity sprayers. You will achieve the ideal droplet size, the perfect size for your plant to absorb its nutrients.

Not all bugs that approach your plants are harmful. Some even help your plants grow by pollinating or even feeding on insects that are harmful to your plants.

However, this does not mean that you should not take action when you find aphids on your pods, but you can spray your plants with a homemade insecticide.

Natural insecticides are pest selective, i.e. there is not a single natural insecticide for all pests, but there are different compositions depending on the pest to be treated. Thanks to this, we can reduce the potential damage to non-target species mentioned before, such as pollinators and other beneficial insects.

You couldn’t be in a better place. All GreenCity sprayers include access to an exclusive 26-lesson course conducted by urban gardening expert Marta Rosique on how to design your urban garden, protect it from pests, sowing, transplanting, fertilising and performing all sorts of other tasks.

Simply obtain your GreenCity, scan the QR code inside and access the course.